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Looking for a roof painting master in Christchurch? We offer excellent paintings services at a great price point for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.  For many years, we have been serving Christchurch and surrounding areas with quality workmanship and painting services. Our painters have exceptional training and extensive experience in roof painting.

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We advise customers and the public caution when engaging with a business operating under the name of Roof Painting Christchurch Ltd , owned and operated by  Daniel Mobbs (a.ka. Dan) mobile number  022 560 9546 or 021 225 6500‬. Email . He had deliberately chosen to use our tradename, misled and deceived customers into believing that he is affiliated with our company, asking for deposits of jobs and not have done half of the job, and sending threatening emails  ~ a violation of the Fair Trading Act 1986. Additionally, his company has unlawfully displaced our company on his Google Business Profile, making false claims of ownership, fabricated reviews and stories with the intent to cause confusion among customers.

We want to make it unequivocally clear that this WEBSITE is exclusively owned by CHRISTCHURCH ROOF PAINTING PROS and NOT ROOF PAINTING CHRISTCHURCH LTD.  We do not grant any license or permission to use our tradename. We also do not hold responsibility for any damages caused in his services nor any liability for jobs done by him.

Any attempt by Daniel Mobbs to conduct business using our name is unauthorized and in violation of our intellectual property rights. We are taking the necessary legal measures to address this matter promptly.  

For any inquiries or concerns, please contact us at this number: 03 660 0033 or send us an email via We appreciate your cooperation in helping us preserve the integrity of our brand. 

We are not, in any way, associated with this business below ↓
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Roof painting Christchurch services offers a simple and cost-effective way to revitalize the appearance of your home, increase the value of your property, and prolong its longevity without the expense of a full roof replacement. Our roof painting service includes a customize roof report from pre-inspection to post-inspection process. We also provide minor repair and replacement if necessary for loose or missing tiles and fixings. Before paint your roof, expect thorough cleaning to be conducted by our team to ensure durable adherence of paint on the roof.  If you are ready to take your roof to another level, feel free to call our team for a free estimate.

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Roof Painting

Need help with improving your roof’s colours? Whether you’re having regular roof maintenance or you want to revitalize the colours of your roof, we’ve got you covered. Avail our roof painting packages including restoration, coating, and repair.​ We have talented and dedicated handyman to make the best painting output for your home.

House Painting

Need help with interior or exterior painting? Trust only the contractors who are fully certified to perform all types of residential painting job. We do all types of house painting, including paint stripping, full paint package, and repair. Trust us to deliver the best job for you.

​Commercial Painting

Commercial projects have specific requirements to comply with state standards. The good news is that we have the right person for you!  Hire us for a legally compliant and high-quality painting job for your business. Applicable for hotels, motels, restaurants, supermarkets, malls, and many more.


Better looking, longer lasting results
With exclusive roof membrane formulation, our painting process offers exceptional result with absolutely amazing contractors on the frontline. The end result is a highly professional finish that can last for many years. Enjoy aesthetics and protection in one service. Hire us now.

More durable Roof Coating
We use advanced next generation technology to help you enjoy satisfactory paint finish for your roof. We provide a full paint job as part of a larger project, transforming your home’s exterior into an aesthetically attractive façade.


Superior Surface Finish
We have complete painting solutions for all types of roofing materials including tiles, metal roofs, and other finishes. We guarantee you a seamless finish at a price you can afford.

Peace of mind
With over 10 years warranty on product performance, you are rest assured to have a long-lasting roof paint backed by superior brands in New Zealand like Resin, Dulux and Solagard.


Dulux Roof Painting

A top-rated paint brand in New Zealand, Dulux offers exceptional opacity which makes it an ideal option for better coverage. Unlike other brands, it requires a little paint volume to cover an entire roofing thus helping you save thousands of dollars for repainting. Dulux paint has a vast colour gamut which we will let you choose from to achieve your desired effect. Many homeowners like it for its low odour, fast-drying and non-irritant materials.  Plus, it’s very economical and has antibacterial element.

Solagard Roof Paint
Solagard roof paint offers reflective properties and protection against the destructive UV rays. With solar roof paint, it reflects heat away. The sun doesn’t only emit light but it also emits heat, which when absorbed by your roof will result into speedy wear and tear. Without proper protection, the paint of your roofing materials can easily fade, crack, or peel. Thanks to the latest solar roof paint, it is now easier to prolong the life of your roof.

Dulux colorsteel
Dulux offers the highest quality paints for steel roofing and other types of roofing materials.  Made of acrylic materials, it makes an excellent paint for exterior roofs, including galvanised iron, colourbond, colorsteel, and trims such as timber, metal, and plastic spouting. You will never go wrong with Dulux colorsteel. If you need a reliable paint to retouch your roof feel free to contact Roof Painter Christchurch.

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With workmanship warranty, we offer coverage against installation errors from start to completion of the project. Our paint warranty includes coverage from manufacturers for painting mistakes. This is applicable for Dulux, Taubman, Solagard, and Resin paints. The warranty coverage may vary depending on the type of paint you choose. For example, Dulux Weathershield Gloss Coating for commercial application has 15 years warranty against blister, flake, or peeling. It is important that you understand the different warranty coverage for various paints and application. Our professional painter will advice you of the best remedy for your painting


Quality Materials
We only use good roofing materials to ensure our clients enjoy the best result that they deserve. We always put homeowner’s best interest when making recommendations of the best paint to use for new home, renovations, and reconstruction. Don’t just settle for cheap materials just because you’re on budget. Sometimes, cheap is expensive especially when you’re given substandard materials. When work is not according to standard, you’d end up having costly repairs in the future.

Good Communication Skills

We provide to various communication platforms to suit the needs of our customers. We ensure that clients are well-informed every step of the process. This way, we are also able to settle should any issues arise during the painting process.



Our contractor has undergone an extensive experience in roof painting and repair. We understand that poor installation is the leading cause of roofing problems in Christchurch. This is why we only deploy the most experience team to cater the unique needs of your roofing system. For many decades, we have been providing Christchurch a high-quality roof painting service. Feel free to call us if you have any question or concern.

License and Insurance

We one of the most trusted S to do simple to complex painting projects. Our team has license and insurance to perform residential, commercial, and industrial painting projects. Uninsured employees can only cause extra charges to homeowners, which is why we ensure that only certified and insured contractors can work on a given project. 

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When it comes to roof painting, we have a very straightforward process. We ensure that the painting process is very convenient for all of clients regardless of the size of your home or building.

Call us or fill up the contact form to send us your inquiry or concern. It’s best if you tell us your specific requirements, such as the paint brand that you want us to use, colour, the size of your roof, and the materials utilized for your roofing. We will then make an estimate according to the information you gave us.

If you approve our estimate, we will come to your home or building to make an assessment of the area and the job that we need to do. This time we will also explain to you the process, goals, and expectation for your specific project.

Our contractors will come to your property to perform the painting job. We will only send the contractors who have the most experience in doing your particular job.

Post Inspection
 We don’t leave you after the job is done. We conduct post inspection processes to ensure that the job is done well.  Due to our warranty coverage, we also make sure that the job is executed with precision. If there are mistakes, we will cover the cost for repair.


Nicole Evans Christchurch, NZ

Dan was quick to respond and inspect our roof. He was professional and great to deal with. His prices are competitive and we're super happy with the work he's done. Will definitely call again the next time we need roof work/painting done. Thanks so much Dan

Cynthia Rodriguez Christchurch, NZ

Great work guys! They did a quick paint change on my roof from red to dark gray, which is a trend today. I love the outcome, the team was very nice, everyone did their job as promised.

Fantio Duombia Christchurch, NZ

I just wanna say thank you for the job well done. Nobody else could’ve understood my requirements as I am very meticulous when it comes to painting result. I’m an architect and home designer as well and I wanted everything to be perfect. Super satisfied with the team. You can see that they’ve gone quite a lot of education and experience in the result they gave me. You have my recommendation!

Cheryl Rault Christchurch, NZ

Dan was extremely professional,sorted our guttering went the extra mile. The roof looks fantastic and has been done to a high standard. We are very happy highly recommend.

Berta Valladerez Christchurch, NZ

Lovely work on our roof. Great communication, everything was done quickly after quote, and no delays. I’m in owe of the excellent work. Thank you.

Charlie Kerr Christchurch, NZ

My house needed a paint job lucky this business came to my call. the boss man was very professional was on time n did a very good job

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Roof Painting Christchurch is happy to bring you high-quality roof painting & reroofing services. If you come across any suspicious activities or businesses conducted by individuals using our name, we kindly request that you report such incidents to us promptly. Your vigilance is crucial in helping us take swift and appropriate action against unauthorized use of our business name.


Report Suspicious Activties

In view of a specific person, namely Daniel Mobbs conducting business in our name, we highly appreciate your effort reporting to us any business done by this person using our website. Feel free to reach out and report  to us.


Do you need a roofing specialist, reroofer, or roof painter? Feel free to personally talk to our team so we can discuss your project. 


How long will it take you to paint my roof?
Generally, a painting job can last between 1-3 days. However, depending on the style and size of your job, it may last longer. We will inform you of the time we will need to complete the project during our visitation.

Can you paint decramastic roofs?
Yes. We also offer decramastic roof painting. Feel free to ask our contractors about your specific requirements and we will gladly cater to your concern.

What to look for in roofing solutions Christchurch?
When looking for roofing solutions Christchurch, find someone who use high-quality and accredited paint brands in NZ. It’s rare to find a reliable painting contractor in Christchurch that use high-quality paint materials at a pocket friendly price. Better yet contact us today.

Do you have cladding painting contractors?
Yes. We have various tools and equipment to be used for cladding. Regular roof painting and cladding painting will help extend the life of your building.  Don’t settle for less. Hire the best roof painting contractor in Christchurch.

Can you paint around solar panels?
Yes. Our technicians can take care of your roof painting requirements to minimize overspray to solar panels. We use advanced tools and equipment to ensure every job is done well.

Do I have to be at home during your free estimate?
You don’t have to be at home during our free estimate. We use high-tech tools and equipment to capture an image of your roof and do the estimate. Unless if there are specific requirements that require our visit, we would have to deploy workers to be in your home and make pertinent assessment as to the condition of your roof.

Can I call you if I have issues with my roof after you paint it?
Yes. We have 5 years workmanship and painting warranty for our roof painting projects. We would be happy to discuss any aspect of your job at any time. However, we do recommend to allow at least 28 days for the paint to settle. If you notice any issue, feel free to call us and we’ll gladly cater to your concern.

Do you have a qualified handyman to do the painting for homes?

Yes. We have a qualified handyman to do various painting jobs. Feel free to reach out to us so we can talk about your project.

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Christchurch Roof Painting pros is an expert in all types of roof painting project, including water blasting, roof restoration using New Zealand's best paint brands such as Dulix & Resin.

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