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Roof Cleaning, Water Blasting & Moss Treatment

Is your roof starting to develop rust or moulds? Don’t take it for granted. Mould growth and corrosion can lead to more serious problems in the future. For example, moulds can get into your interior space and wreak havoc with your ceilings and walls. Without proper remedy, it can produce a rotten odour that can mix with your indoor air.

 On the other hand, corrosion can get further into other metal fixings in your home.  So don’t wait before everything is too late. Call our roof cleaning professionals and water blasting contractors to resolve any issues in your home today. 

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We are the No.1 Water Blasting Contractors in Christchurch. We offer a wide array of professional pressure cleaning and water blasting service throughout the city. Our commercial and residential water blasting services in Christchurch cover all types of roofs, including indoor and outdoor surfaces, building, carparks, asphalt & concrete surfaces. We only use eco-friendly chemicals that state approved and regulated. No water blasting job is too small or big for us.

Our team are professionally-trained, background checked, and well trained to remove stubborn stains, moss, or algae from all types of external surfaces. Feel free to contact us today so you can talk with our contractors and avail of the best services possible for your roofing situation.

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Moss & Lichen Treatment

We remove moss and lichen for all homes and buildings in Christchurch. High pressure water blasting will remove loose paint, dust, moss, and moulds.  Our team are highly capable and well-trained in this process. Moss are tiny green plants that can stick on the surface of your roof especially if you’ve left your property for so long or when there’s a lot of moisture in the roof.

On the other hand, lichens are fungal formation that can happen in steel, iron, or metal roofing after being exposed to fluctuating weather conditions. It can come in various shapes and sizes but you want to get rid of them because they might cause further damage on your roof.  If you need help, feel free to contact us.