Commercial Painting Christchurch

Commercial Painters in Christchurch, NZ

We provide commercial paintings services for all types of establishments in Christchurch such as restaurants, churches, hotels, motels, supermarkets, and many more. How your business looks matters for clients. A dull-looking building is not as aesthetically attractive as other well-maintained buildings. When your paint starts to fade, it gradually makes customers change their perception. It loses its attractiveness, which can cause slow decline in income. 

If you need a reliable roof painting company in Christchurch, you will never go wrong with StormShield roof painting services. We provide top-notch quality for our painting works – a great return for your investment. If you need a free quote, just give us a call. 

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Highly Trained Contractors

Multi Skilled Painters
Experts in all parts of painting and designing.  Our services include spray finish, decorating, business modern coatings for exterior and interior walls, roofs, and other parts of your commercial building.  Our painters have undergone immense training and education to determine the right type of paint and most appropriate design for a particular application. You can trust our painters to fully cater to your needs.

Commercial Painters
Experts in positions, everything being equal, from private redesigns to enormous scope business painting projects. We understand that every commercial building has specific requirements. Regardless of how many stories your building has, we have state-approved painting processes that is fit for all types of buildings.  We don’t generalize application. We make initial assessment of the building and make decision based on facts and calculated risks.

Customized Painters
Customized painting and brightening bundles for private, business, land clients.  We’re the only painting contractor in Christchurch that offers affordable painting bundles for all types of needs.  Call us today so we can walk you through the different options you can make.

Property Maintenance Program
We have a support program to suit any client to guarantee the life and great looks of your property. Commercial buildings ought to maintain specific standard in order to stay compliant with government regulation and public safety. We are here to provide painting maintenance to ensure that your building is not only looking great but is also safe for the public.

Favored Painting Provider
Our painting contractors are the most favored workers for majority of commercial projects in Christchurch. This is because of the immense passion and dedication that our workers exhibit not only during major painting jobs but for all jobs, including small scale painting applications.

Hire The Best Painting Contractors in Christchurch

Protect your investment by maintaining a high-quality paint finish. Hire the best contractors in Christchurch who are fully licenses, certified, and insured to do all types of commercial painting job. Our commercial painting services include the following:

  • Power washing
  • Painting of historic buildings, including churches
  • HOA painting and other specialty services
  • Interior and exterior building painting

​If you need a professional painting contractor in Christchurch, please feel free to contact us. Or better yet, fill up the contact form so you can send us your inquiry.