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Upholstery cleaning is vital for your home. Having a clean carpet and furniture will help improve the indoor air quality.  But when your home has been flooded or affected a fire incident, your furniture and other important things inside might need more than just regular cleaning and maintenance. The dust and debris from the fire and contaminated stock water from flood can cause bacterial spread. This is why you would want to hire an expert upholstery cleaning Auckland to do the job right for you.

Call us if you’re having issues such as the following:

  • Your sofa is looking old and worn out
  • The fabric in your couch has a stubborn stain
  • There are mud stains of in any parts of your furniture

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Highly Trained Contractors

Our cleaners are highly trained and have extensive experience in cleaning household items that have been severely affected by floods and fire. We understand that every furniture has its unique needs. This is why we’ve studied and trained in all types of materials and fabrics.  We also have the right cleaning products to do the job right for you. Feel free to call us to get a free estimate.

Signs That You Need Roof Repair

Leaky Roof
Moisture makes roof expand and contract as temperature fluctuates. Overtime your roofing material will wear and tear. It can affect the integrity of the entire roof system. Your roof is leaky when moisture starts to form discoloration in your ceiling or when you notice water in your attic. Sometimes, leaky roof can lead to water dripping to your walls and other parts of the house.

Damage Shingles
Various weather conditions like hail, snow, rain, and storms can have significant impact to your roof.  Always check for damaged or missing shingles so you can have them replaced. If you don’t have enough equipment to check it yourself, you can always contact us to conduct roof inspection and maintenance before or after very storm. Curled ends will also show visible signs of damage.

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Peeled Paint
Cracking, fading, or peeling paint is a sign that your roof may need to replaced soon. Or you can also have it repainted. We have highly experienced contractors to do the assessment for your roof’s condition. Other signs that you need to have your roof repaired is discoloration. Sometimes, your roof can turn grey, yellow, or brown. Hence, if you notice your roof paint color is blistering, you should get a repair service in Christchurch.

Sunlight Coming In
Roods with cracks and holes will allow sunlight to pass through. If you see this sign in your roof, make sure you contact us right away. Don’t let minor issues in your home get out of hand. See if there are holes in your roof. You can go around the attic or follow the part of your ceiling that often gets wet or lit.  Try to switch off the light and close the windows in the morning and see whether there are lights coming into the surface or walling from the roof. We will take care of it for you to prevent bigger repairs in the future. Call us now for a high quality roof repair service.