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Looking for the best exterior and interior painters in Christchurch? We’ve got the perfect employees for you.  Every client has a unique requirement for painting. Whether you need cladding paint, exterior or interior painting for your residential, business, or industrial needs we’ve got you covered.  Here is why you should hire us:

  • Right connections, permits and licenses, and on-time work
  • Immense professionalism from start to finish, seamless process, and suitable work force
  • Great communication, proactive workers
  • High tech equipment, advanced tools, and trusted paint brands
  • Tailored approach to meet specific requirements from clients

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Sign Your Home Needs a Paint

Peeling or Cracking Paint
A common sign that your home needs roof paint NZ is cracking paint.  This could happen in any parts of your home such as in your roof, exterior or interior walls, and even on the ceiling. Overtime, your home could wear and tear, which is why you need a professional painting contractor to give your home a facial lift. When paints peel, it will expose underlying materials that could develop mould or mildew. If this happens, contact us right away so we can recommend the best possible solution for you.

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Moss & Lichen Treatment

Cracks in Caulk
Caulk is designed to seal a joint between surfaced and keep them intact. As a homeowner or business owner, you want to protect your home from damage. Cracking caulk can happen overtime. It can appear in your home’s trim and sidings. If you notice this, feel free to call us.
Fading Paint
A home with a faded paint can look dull and ugly.  Darker colours can fade more quickly than lighter ones. hence it is a wise decision to choose a lighter colour. Even if your home has a lot of trees around, it is natural for paint to fade over time because of the different weather conditions that it is exposed to. But just a simple paint job can make it look new again. We use only high-quality brands to make your home look nice again.